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What Stephanie Does

Stephanie’s expertise in various areas of publishing and technology allows her to provide a wide range of services to her clients. She is dedicated to helping authors navigate the publishing process and achieve their goals, whether it’s their first project or they are established bestselling authors. Her ability to provide coaching and support ensures that authors receive personalized guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, Stephanie’s experience extends beyond working with authors, as she also collaborates with companies to create and maintain effective websites and meet their technological requirements.

With her comprehensive range of services, Stephanie is able to provide tailored solutions for both individuals and organizations, ensuring their publishing and tech-related projects are executed seamlessly.

Her services include:

  • Amazon Ads
  • Book launches
  • Book layouts
  • Coaching for publishing and tech related projects
  • Mailing list support
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Other administrative and technical support
  • Project management
  • Promotional materials
  • Social media management
  • Website design and maintenance

Why Stephanie Can Help

Stephanie’s extensive experience in project management, coupled with her diverse educational background in English Literature and Business Management, has equipped her with a unique skill set that combines analytical thinking with creative problem-solving. This enables her to approach challenges from multiple perspectives and find innovative solutions.

Furthermore, her dedication to continuous learning is evident through the countless hours she has invested in design and technology courses, allowing her to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools in the industry. She is a graduate of the Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University and is on the board of the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. As a partner at The Creative Academy for Writers Academy, Stephanie shares her expertise by teaching weekly workshops on publishing, technology and marketing.

What people are saying about working with Stephanie

“Stephanie took my Amazon ads from zero to ninety and beyond. I told her about my goals, my budget, and my incompetence with ads, and she swung into action. She gets results … and it’s all due to her incisive, analytical mind that sees stories in numbers and miracles in spreadsheets.”

Adina Senft, PhD, USA Today bestselling author

“Having Stephanie manage the Amazon ads for my 22 book series has allowed me the time and space to focus on other areas of my book business.”

—Bella Andre, NYT Bestselling Author of The Sullivans

“Without having hired Stephanie, I absolutely would not have been able to get my third book out this year. A technical and marketing guru, she has been invaluable for managing and updating my author website, creating and monitoring my ads, formatting my books, and everything technical. She is quick, thorough and efficient, and I recommend her to everyone I know. Do yourself a favour and don’t spend hours or days doing what Stephanie can do for you in minutes!”
—Karen Dodd, Suspense Author
“I hated my website.  I hated it so much I never directed readers to it. I knew this meant I was losing organic newsletter signups but I couldn’t bring myself to show people the disaster.  I hired Stephanie, and she lifted the weight off my mind.  She provided me with a site I’m thrilled to send readers to.  I now have a place to showcase my books and a way to welcome readers into my world.”
—Gabbi Grey, Author

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